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FAQS Frequently Asked Questions


We know that planning your wedding trip is essential for you! Therefore, we have created a wedding booking form to easily book your spa and salon appointments for the Special Day. As a result, you will get a unique wedding discount as part of your Wedding Collection offer at your RIU resort.

Our Online Wedding Concierge will support you in booking your appointments in advance according to our availability. We will also manage the services for the wedding couple and all guests.

Let’s start your reservation process:

STEP 1 - Click the link weddings / THE DAY

• Select the country of the hotel.

• Select your destination.

• Click the name of the hotel.

• Select the RIU Hotel Wedding Collection you have purchased.*

Note: if you are not celebrating your wedding at the hotel or if you are a guest at a wedding, please select: 'No Packages'

STEP 2 - Make your choice of services.

• If you have purchased the Hotel Wedding Collection, this package includes salon or spa services, which will be added to your shopping cart by default. So you don’t need to add it again.

• Check your services and make your request for the wedding couple, the wedding party, and all guests.

• When you've finished selecting the items you want, you can go to the checkout process by clicking the shopping cart. Then click ‘continue’: add each service's name, date, and *time.

Note: if you are unsure about the time, don’t select any hour; just keep it as ‘open date & time.’ Our online wedding concierge will suggest a time based on the information on the form.

• Click ‘Proceed to reservation form’ and fill in the gaps ‘Personal information,’ ‘Couple information,’ and ‘Reservation information.’
*Special Request: If you need to make additional requests, please use this space.

• Proceed to ‘send the reservation form.’

*Note: the reservation form is only a reservation request. We don’t confirm reservations until you finish the process and get your confirming voucher after completing the payment.

STEP 3 - Wedding Concierge contact.

• Our online wedding concierge will check your reservation request. Afterward, she will e-mail you within 24 hours from the requirement date in working days and 48 hours after Saturday afternoon.

• We will confirm the reservation requests depending on the availability. We suggest a new schedule if the date/time requested is unavailable.

• Review the information and reply, agreeing or requesting any changes you desire.

STEP 4 - Confirm your reservations.

• After scheduling and final quote, you must complete the payment to confirm your reservations.

Accepted payment methods

1- Via Paypal

• We will email you with a link to the PayPal Money Request.

2- Credit Card

• We will email you with a link to pay.

STEP 5 - Receive your reservation voucher and enjoy it!

Within 24 hours, we will receive your payment, and our Online Wedding Concierge will email you the confirmation voucher with your purchase.

Note: you must share your voucher for confirmation.

• Show your digital voucher at the reception of RenovaSpa to enjoy your services.

• For any additional information, reservations, or changes after purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact your online wedding concierge, mentioning your voucher number.


• How many beauty salon services can you make at the same time?
You can simultaneously receive a maximum of two beauty services in most of our salons.

• If we are a group of ladies, can we stay together while waiting for our shift?
Yes, you can. You are welcome to stay together in a group. However, in most of our salons, we have limited space in the lounge. Because of that, we recommend you to ask your online wedding concierge. You can also enjoy our hydrotherapy services, if available.

• Can we drink cocktails and champagne while we enjoy the services?
Alcoholic drinks are prohibited in our spas to keep the atmosphere of wellness and calm. We offer herbal teas and chlorophyll water.

• Can the stylists come to the hotel room for my salon services?
We provide all services at the salon, located within the spa. We cannot offer any spa or salon services in the hotel rooms.

• Is the salon located inside the hotel?
The salon is located at the spa inside the hotel. However, some hotels do not have an in-house spa and use the nearby areas.
Please, check with your online wedding concierge

• Do you have a bridal room to dress at the spa?
Yes, you can dress at the spa. All our spas have large changing rooms and some have bridal rooms. We can also provide you with a spa cabin, if available. Ask the spa manager directly at the spa for this special request before the wedding day.

• My wedding starts early morning, and the guests request several salon services. How can we solve these?
Please contact your online wedding concierge, and we will check if we can bring in extra staff to satisfy your needs.


• Do you use accessories or flowers as part of the hairstyles? Do you provide it?
We use accessories as part of the hairstyles but do not provide them. Therefore, we will need you to take them with you. For fresh flower accessories, you can ask your RIU MICE representative on-site.

• Do you have photos of hairstyles?
In all our salons, we can show you photos of hairstyles that we have done.
However, we recommend you bring photos to show the stylist your requirements and get inspired by them.

• Does the bride's hairstyle include shampoo and hairdryer?
Yes, we do. However, we recommend you come in for the bride's hairstyle with clean, dry hair for a better result.

• Does the bride's hairstyle include a bride's hairstyle tryout?
No, the bride's hairstyle only includes a bride's hairstyle consultation before the wedding day at the salon.

• What is the difference between a bride's hairstyle consultation and a hairstyle tryout?
In the bride's hairstyle consultation, you will meet your stylist, check pictures, and choose your preferred style. Then, the stylist will confirm your appointment's time and final price and tell you if the selected style fits your type and hair length.
On the bride's hairstyle tryout, we will do only one hairstyle. Please consider that this is an additional service with an extra cost.

• How many hairstyles can be tried during the Bride's Hairstyle Try Out service?
The stylist will support you in choosing a hairstyle based on your desires and hair type. Once selected, we will try out only this style. If you want to try another hairstyle, reserve a second service.

• Can I schedule the consultation with the stylist?
We recommend you call the salon to ensure the stylists are available when you arrive, as we can’t reserve the consultation in advance.

• Can your staff handle any type of hairstyles?
We train our staff to make any type of hairstyle and are used to working with various hair types.

• Do you apply hair extensions?
We can apply hair extensions, but only with natural hair. In this case, we always require a Bride's Hairstyle Try Out, and you must provide the hair extensions. We do not supply these.

• What type of hairstyles do you recommend based on the local climate?
Wearing your hair up is sophisticated, elegant, and comfortable in hot places. Long and flowing hair is very beautiful but will need a little help for durability. For outdoor weddings and the beach, we recommend you choose a hairstyle in between with an up-down style.

• If we have a large group of ladies, how should we schedule hairstyles?
In most of our hotels, we can make shifts of two ladies at a time. We ensure all ladies have plenty of time during our salon services. However, as one finishes, the next one will start. We recommend ladies requesting simple hairstyles to go first, ladies with more complicated hairstyles to go after them, and kids to go last.

• How do I know which type of hairstyle service we need?
We offer Shampoo and blow Dry styles for simple blow-out styles. Curls, straightening, up-dos, and applications fall into the Special Hairstyle type of service. The Bride's Hairstyle only applies to the bride.

• What price do you take for the hairstyles I choose?
Special Hairstyle - S - hairstyle with basic complexity within 45 min
Special Hairstyle - M - hairstyle within 60 min
Special Hairstyle - L - hairstyle within 90 min
All ladies will have to consult before the wedding day with the stylist, who will confirm the final price and duration based on the complexity of the style, the hair length, and the type. If your hairstyle complexity and hair type require more time, a supplementary charge will apply at the spa.

• Is there a special hairstyle price for kids?
The prices for kids are the same. The final price is based on the difficulty of the style, hair length, type, and the time required. Sometimes, grooming kids takes a lot longer, so we take the average price for online purposes, and we confirm the final price on-site.


• Can your staff handle any type of makeup?
We train our staff to make any type of makeup. We have many foundation tones and colors to match any skin.

• Can you send me pictures of makeup?
In all our salons, we have pictures of makeup we have done in the past. However, we highly recommend you bring photos of the desired makeup for our makeup artist to work based on these.

• Can I bring my makeup to be used for the service?
You are welcome to bring your makeup if this makes you feel more comfortable.

• Do you apply false eyelashes?
Yes, we do apply false eyelashes additionally to the makeup price.

• Do you offer makeup tryouts? Do you recommend these?
We recommend this service, mainly if you are not used to wearing makeup, to ensure you get the desired look.


• Should I book my nail treatments on the wedding day?
Nail treatments (manicures and pedicures of all types) should be booked for the afternoon before the wedding to avoid a long time at the salon on the wedding day, especially if you have guests and family doing their makeup and hair with us.

• Which other spa treatments do you recommend?
Facials and body treatments will prepare your skin to look beautiful at this big event! Massages will make you feel relaxed to enjoy this special day. A couple of massages are perfect for celebrating as newlyweds!

• When should I book a body treatment?
We recommend doing body treatments (exfoliators and wraps) soon upon arrival at the resort to remove impurities and dead cells and leave your skin prepared for a perfect tan. After these treatments, you should wait to expose yourself to the sun, so we recommend afternoon appointments.

• When should I book facial treatments?
Deep cleansing facials should be done 48 hours before any critical event. For this service, we include extractions of impurities and treat your skin with cleaning facial products that may cause a light redness in your skin for a couple of hours. Further facial treatments can be done the day before the event day, and Flash Facials are specially designed to be done just before a Makeup application on a big occasion. We recommend appointments during the afternoon.

• When should I book massages?
Any massage from our menu is an excellent choice for a relaxation time. A perfect moment is during the evening before the Wedding Day to relieve stress and rest all night or early in the morning. You will energize yourself and calm your natural nerves!

• Do you offer couple’s massage?
Yes, most of our locations have double cabins specially designed for couples. We also offer massages for couples at our beach gazebos.


We know planning everything is essential for you. Thus, we have created a particular form to book the spa and salon appointments you need and get the special wedding discount your resort has offered as part of your wedding collection.

Our Online Wedding Concierge will support you in booking your appointments in advance based on space and staff availability at each spa and manage the services for the wedding couple and all guests.

• If I purchase a Renova Spa Wedding Package, do I have to take all the services included on the wedding day, or can I split these up?
You can split the treatments up on different days during your stay.

• Can I replace any treatment by others?
The packages include treatments that cannot be replaced by others. If no package fits your needs, you can choose others from our spa menu, but note that these will cost extra.

• Can the rest of the ladies also purchase Renova Spa Wedding Packages, or are these only for the bride?
All the ladies in your party are welcome to purchase Renova Spa wedding packages, not only the bride.

• Are the Renova Spa Wedding Packages available at all locations?
Not all locations offer packages. These will be displayed on your menu if available.

• Hairstyles are listed at different prices. What type of hairstyle is included in the Renova Spa Wedding Packages?
Packages have a discounted fixed price, and the included hairstyle covers any length or complexity.


• What services are included?

Riu Free Wedding Collection and Riu Classic Wedding Collection.

- 10% discount on any Renova Spa Services for the wedding couple

- 10% discount on any Renova Spa services for attending guests (available only for online bookings)

- Surprise gift

Riu Royal Wedding Collection

- 10% discount on any Renova Spa Services for the wedding couple

- 10% discount on any Renova Spa services for attending guests (available only for online bookings)

- 1 Romantic Couple's Massage for the wedding couple (2 Relaxing Massages for 25 Minutes)

- Surprise gift

Riu Caprice Wedding Collection and Riu Indulgence Wedding Collection

- 10% discount on any Renova Spa Services for the wedding couple

- 10% discount on any Renova Spa services for attending guests.(available only for online bookings)

- 1 Romantic Couple's Massage for the wedding couple (2 Aromatherapy Massages for 60 min)

- 1 Classic manicure

- 1 Classic pedicure

- 1 Bride's Hairstyle

- Surprise gift

• How do I know which Collection I have?
Please check with your RIU MICE representative to confirm this information.

• How do I redeem the included services?
Upon arrival, you must present a Gift Certificate your RIU MICE representative provided to you on-site.

• Can I substitute or upgrade any services included in RIU WEDDING COLLECTIONS packages?
The services included in RIU WEDDING COLLECTIONS packages cannot be substituted.

• Can I give away any of my included services to somebody else at the wedding party?
The treatments are only available for the wedding couple´s members.

• Can I schedule the included services during my whole stay?
Yes, you can split the treatments up during your stay, before or after the wedding.

• Does the Spa discount in my hotel wedding collection apply to the rest of the party?
The 10% wedding discount applies for all wedding couple´s services booked online or on-site. The rest of the guests will obtain the 10% discount only for online reservations when using a special code provided by your Online Wedding Concierge

• Is there any restriction to this wedding discount?
This promotion may not be combined with other offers. The 10% wedding discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

• Do I have to meet the RIU MICE representative before coming to the spa?
To obtain special discounts, treatments, or surprise gifts, you must present a gift certificate provided by your RIU MICE representative at the spa. We can reserve the included treatments in advance, but these must be scheduled for any day after your first meeting with the RIU MICE representative on site.

• What happens if I change the hotel wedding collection?
- If you change the collection, please inform us to ensure the required service.
- If you downgrade, you must pay for the difference if you decide to keep the appointments.
- If you upgrade, you can schedule the additional services or obtain a partial refund if you already paid for some.


• Do I have to prepay to confirm the reservations?
Yes, a full payment is needed to block your spaces.

• Can I book upon arrival at the hotel?
Yes, you can. However, your reservations depend on availability, so we highly recommend you book in advance.

• How should I make the reservations?
To schedule your appointments, please click HERE

• Should I make the reservations only for myself or the whole group?
We recommend you make the reservations for yourself and the whole group to ensure everyone can enjoy the spa and salon on this special occasion. You will make scheduling faster by making one reservation request for all.


• What is your cancellation policy?

• Can I make a partial cancellation?
Yes, you can. Based on the cancellation policy, please inform us with more than 24 hours' notice.

• Can I change the schedule once the reservation has been confirmed?
Yes, you can. You will have to contact your online wedding concierge, and the services can be rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointments without a penalty and based on availability. Any changes within less than 24 hours need to be done at the spa directly. All changes will be based on availability.


• Can I treat my guests with Gift Certificates?
Yes, you are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for them: HERE.

• Can my guests purchase Gift Certificates for me as a wedding present?
Yes, they are welcome to purchase Gift Certificates for you. HERE