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• What are the age restrictions?
The minimum age to access the spa facilities (humid areas and gym) is 18. Adults must accompany guests under 18 while having a Spa or Salon service.

• Can I have mimosas at the salon or spa?
No, you can’t. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at our facilities to preserve the tranquil spa atmosphere.

• What should I wear at the gym?
When visiting the gym, you should wear sneakers and sportswear.

• What should I wear in the humid areas?
When visiting humid areas, you must wear a swimsuit. Please note that nudity is banned.

• What should I wear for a spa treatment?
At the spa, you can wear the most comfortable clothes. A locker is available for you to leave your belongings, or you can leave them in the massage cabin.
During the massage, you may wear your underwear. The underwear must leave the back and abdomen uncovered. During the service, you will have a
towel covering your body, and only the massaged area will be exposed, taking care of your privacy at all times.

• I wish to work for Renova Spa. Who should I contact?
Thank you for your interest in being part of the Renova Spa team.
Please visit the link below to send your CV.

• Are your therapists certified?
All our therapists comply with the regulations of the country where they practice. Additionally, all our therapists are selected according to their degree of
training and experience and receive a structured training program. After being evaluated as suitable, then they can start providing services. If you need
a letter for insurance compensation, please request it at the spa at the time of your treatment.

• Can I reserve the jacuzzi only for my partner and myself?
Our humid areas are open to all hotel guests. For this reason, it is not possible to reserve them only for you. (except at Renova Spa in Aruba, where a
special VIP cabin with a jacuzzi can be booked with an extra fee)


• Where can I book an appointment?
You can book an appointment 48 hours or more before the desired date to guarantee availability. You can BOOK HERE, select the date, and then the time
for your appointment during checkout.

• Can I book for tomorrow?
Unfortunately, our booking system does not allow reservations within 48 hours. However, you can book our treatments with an open date and time to get our
online benefits and then confirm the schedule at the spa front desk based on availability. BOOK HERE now to obtain the special 5% online discount.

• Can I book at the spa directly?
We highly recommend you make your booking in advance to guarantee availability. You can also book at the spa front desk, based on availability.
BOOK HERE now and take advantage of our GREAT online DEALS.

• Which payment methods are available?
You can purchase your order online by credit card or PayPal. Our spas require full payment for all treatments or salon services before enjoying them. We
accept cash (US$/ €), local currency, Visa, or MasterCard if you pay at the spas directly.

• Can I book without paying?
No, you can’t. We usually have a full agenda, so pre-paying is mandatory to guarantee the service during your stay.

• Can I make charges to my room?
Renova Spa is part of the hospitality services at the hotel. Nevertheless, we are an independent company and room charges are not available. All payments
need to be completed online or at the spa.

• I am not a hotel guest but wish to book a service at Renova Spa.
Unfortunately, Riu Hotels only allows external customers at some facilities. Please inform our customer care team about the hotel's name and location to check
access availability. At some places, you must buy an RIU Day Pass to enjoy our services at some Renova Spa locations. We don’t provide any information
about the RIU Day Pass, but you can ask them directly. If you're not hosted in the hotel, please email us at info@renovaspa.com to manage your access with
the security staff to avoid delays.


• Can I get a massage in my room?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. To create a relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to get a massage in the private cabins in the spa.

• Can I take my massage completely naked?
During the service, you will have a towel covering your body, and only the massaged area will be uncovered, taking care of your privacy
at all times. You may wear your underwear. The underwear must leave the back and abdomen uncovered.

• Can I fall asleep and not be disturbed after my massage?
We have particular relaxation areas within the spa facilities where you can continue to enjoy your rest after your massage.

• Can you only massage one area during my service?
Our therapists have a protocol designed to relax the muscles of your whole body; for this reason, we cannot change the services already
set in the menu.

• Can we do the service in the same room if there are three of us?
No, you can’t. We offer single and double cabins in most facilities. The maximum capacity is two people per cabin.

• Can my partner stay in the same cabin where I am taking my service?
The services are personal; therefore, only those who will take the service can access the cabin.


• How do I book special services for couples?
You can book special services for couples under the category ‘SPECIALS FOR COUPLES’ on our menu, where you will find all the packages
and massages for 2 (please select quantity 1). Under ‘MASSAGES - BODY TREATMENTS and FACIALS,’ you will find all our treatments. You
can choose any treatment and request a double cabin during reservation checkout to enjoy these side by side!

• Could you please prepare the room for my wife and me because it is our honeymoon, marriage proposal, birthday, etc.?
Special arrangements can be organized if you provide the materials and request these at the spa directly upon arrival. Please visit the spa in
advance to manage the decoration.


• How do I purchase a gift certificate for a massage?
Service-based Gift Certificates are available for specific spa treatments, spa packages, or special offers. The appointments will be open to
be scheduled at the spa directly upon arrival at the hotel.
To purchase a gift certificate, please follow the next steps:

  • Select the number of gift certificate/s.
  • Select treatments ( one or more per gift certificate)
  • Go to your CART and proceed with the Gift Certificate Registration.
  • Enter the gift certificate data.
  • Complete your purchase: pay for your gift certificate/s and receive an instant confirmation of purchase and a copy of the gift
    certificate/s online.

• How do I purchase a gift certificate for U$ 100?
Value-based gift Certificates are Renova Spa Credits in a specific currency and are valid for Renova Spa treatments or products. The
selection of treatments and appointments will be made directly at the Renova Spa reception upon arrival at the hotel.

• Can you deliver a gift certificate to the room if I buy it?
Yes, we can. You need to select HOTEL delivery during the checkout process.
Our spa staff will deliver the Gift Certificates directly to the beneficiaries within 12 hours of arrival. If they're already at the hotel, it can take
up to 24 hours.

• How can I pay with a Renova Spa gift certificate?
Unfortunately, our booking system does not accept Renova Spa gift certificates as partial payment. We recommend you visit the Renova Spa
reception to choose and schedule your treatment once upon arrival. Also, you can contact us at info@renovaspa.com for assistance.


• I have booked a gazebo service. Should I go to the gazebo directly?
When you book a Gazebo service, you must check in at the Renova Spa reception 15-20 minutes before your appointment,. Our spa staff will then lead you to the beach gazebo.

• Can the ‘Marine Breeze Massage’ be offered inside the cabin?
All the massages listed on the menu under ‘Gazebo services’ are only available outdoors. At the locations where gazebos are unavailable, this couples massage is only available
indoors - Bahamas, Tanzania, and Dubai.


• I have xxx U$ resort spa credits. How do I apply them?
From your resort credits, only a part of them can be used at the spa towards specific treatments for specific amounts. This promotion is for one resort spa credit per treatment per
person and does not apply to other promotions. You can book and apply the resort credits over the QR code available at each spa’s front desk.

• I am a RIU Class Member. What benefits do I have?
As an RIU Class Member, you are entitled to a 15% discount on all our Renova Spa services. Please, request your special PROMO CODE with info@renovaspa.com

• I am the group leader. How can I request my bonus massage?
As group leader, you are entitled to 1 Complimentary Massage for the Group Leader = 1 Relaxing Massage - 25 min. To book your bonus massage, please email us at
info@renovaspa.com at least 72 hours before arrival with the following information:

  • Full Hotel name
  • Group leader name
  • Group name as per contract (not code)
  • Arrival date

*Note that no complimentary massages will be offered directly at the Renova Spa facilities without the voucher, which will be issued with an open appointment scheduled on-site.

• How do I book my spa credits?
If you have a promotion that includes 1 U$ 35.- Spa Credit for 1 Renova Combination Massage - 80 minutes, please contact info@renovaspa.com to obtain the instructions to book.

• How can I cancel my service through this chat?
You can contact us by email chatbot or at the spa reception to cancel your service. Please note that you must share your voucher number and a Screenshot to manage your
cancellation. Please pay attention to our cancellation policy.


• Can I have a massage if I have a minor injury to any part of my body?
To receive any service, you have to consider the general restrictions:

  • General malaise
  • Presenting any acute clinical symptomatology (at the time)
  • Fever or febrile fever
  • Chronic illnesses that make it inadvisable to stimulate the circulatory system
  • Cancer
  • Recent surgeries or wounds that prevent the perform the maneuvers that the massage includes
  • People with highly thickened and visible varicose veins
  • State of drunkenness

In case some wounds or injuries objectively are considered to be incompatible with the service, you can make the purchase and reservation of the service. The spa will
assess the realization of the necessary adjustments in the service without compromising its quality. If not, we will recommend the most suitable service or refund your money.

• If I am overweight, can I take more than 80 minutes of service?
Our menu has individual services of up to 80 minutes. During the service, you will change positions between face-up and face-down, so unless your condition limits the
maximum time you can be in those positions, you should be fine. For your reference, most services have a maximum of 45 minutes in the same position, except for facials,
which can have up to 50 minutes face-up.

• I am pregnant. What treatments are available for me?
During the first trimester of pregnancy, being a period of particular risk, we can only offer hair washing and drying services and waxing. If there is no medical contraindication
from the second trimester onwards, we can offer facial treatments, classic manicures, classic pedicures, and our Special Pregnancy Massage, a 25-minute relaxing massages
in the face-up version. For safety reasons, any services that include essential oils or massages that involve stimulation of reflex points or relatively intense pressure may pose
a risk and are therefore not offered during pregnancy.

• Are the products you use for sensitive skin?
All our products are suitable for sensitive skin. However, if you have highly reactive skin, please tell us before the service so we can take the appropriate measures.

• Can I have a massage after lunch?
We recommend resting at least 1 hour after a light meal and 3 hours after a heavy meal before the massage. In any case, the services that include an abdominal massage are
also recommended to leave at least 3 hours between the meal and the massage. If you have consumed alcohol, you should know that we cannot offer spa services if the client
presents symptoms of drunkenness or ethyl breath for safety reasons. We recommend you eat lightly before the massage and not consume alcohol to enjoy the service


• Do your salon services include wig services?
We can offer our salon services if your hair contains extensions or even if you wear wigs. Please tell us the following information: ‘Are they synthetic or natural hair?’ ‘Is the
placement system waterproof?’ It is necessary to know these details to adjust our services or make our suggestions at your convenience, especially when it comes to special
hairstyles or bridal hairstyles, in which case, it is also necessary to include the hairstyle test.

• Can a child under ten years old take a facial?
Yes. For young customers, we recommend Flash Facials.



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